2018 World Series Boston MA

A few important items for Dodgers Fans

Boston will be posting its warmest October weather EVAH!..No worries about weather here in Boston
Tickets for World Series start at 25,000 apiece..a drop in the bucket for rich Californians!

Only republicans are foolish enough to drive into Boston..Regular Bostonians take the T (Green Line) to Fenway Park
When you arrive at Logan look for MBTA BlueLine bus (Buses arrive every 5 minutes to ALL arrival gates)
MBTA Bus will take you to Airport BlueLine Stop
Purchase 1 day ticket on subway
Take BlueLine inbound to Boston
at Government Centre Exit BlueLine and walk to Green Line C or Green Line D Govt Centre Stops
Take GreenLineC or GreenLineD Outbound to Kenmore
at Kenmore exit T and walk up to Deerfield Street
Walk 100m down DeerfieldStreet South and cross over Mass Pike to corner of Deerfield Street and Yawkey Way
if you see Boston University on T you have gone one stop too far..take GreenLineC or GreenLineD inbound towards Boston
exit at Kenmore Station and follow above instructions

if you havent booked your room in Boston yet there are a row of posh hotels that line the Charles River in Cambridge
walk or take T back to Park Street
take RedLine over Longfellow Bridge and get off at MIT
come above ground and observe long row of hotels that face the Charles River on Memorial Drive

See you on Tuesday Nite at Fenway Pahk