The case for Amazon HQ2

Just a few more enticements for Amazon to select Boston for AmazonHQ2

Tax Incentives..the mayor and council know the best way to vault citizens out of poverty is FT work..your investment will remain untaxed by City and State

Weather is improving..we usually get 3 feet of snow..this year we will be lucky to get 1foot..far less snow than your current city of Seattle WA

Our people are WICKED SMAHT..MIT which has the most innovative and creative engineering graduates across the Charles in Cambridge

Our people are WICKED SMAHT for a reason..Cities and towns award achievement for their a result MA students score higher on SAT/ACT than remainder of US

Our sports teams are #1 in 2018 Boston celebrated World Series Win for RedSox..6 months later we celebrated Superbowl Champs The New England Patriots

Mass-transit MBTA serves all of Eastern Ma..and if you need to catchup on email..all MBTA cars have free wifi

Democrats cooperate with Republican Governor..example..democrats gave back enough concessions to post a 1B Surplus for Commonwealth

NO WALLS..unlike New York and Washington DC where neighborhoods are separated by xenophobes building walls..there are no walls here in the city

if you are a pedestrian or cyclist you and your bicycle are welcome everywhere even on the train..

TONS of things to do in the at FrogPond or spending the day at Faneuil Hall..walk the same paths as Sam Adams and John Adams

despite paucity of ice/snow downtown in Bernieland VT are only 3 hours away for the best skiing in the East

Come to Boston and be pleasantly surprised as to the culture fit for Seattles Greatest Company..Amazon